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Great Camp RECIPES

Official Hershey'sŪ
S'mores Recipe:

Place half of a Hershey'sŪ Milk Chocolate bar onto a graham cracker half.  carefully toast a marshmallow over a grill or campfire (supervise the kids if they are doing this part of the recipe).  After the marshmallow is toasted, place it on top of the chocolate bar half.  Top it with a second cracker half and gently press it together.   Enjoy!

Perfection Recipe

A slight variation to the official Hershey'sŪ Recipe above.  
First get that bonfire going!
Perfected September 1998

The "Marshmallow" connoisseur needs: A shovel, preferably with a large handle.  A short stick with some body to it, and a sharp knife. Shape the stick into a sharp pointed object about 6 inches long.   With the shovel reach into the glowing embers and get a shovel full-place shovel on a rock or ledge-away from people. Proceed to place 4 marshmallows on the stick. Place the stick of marshmallows about 4 inches from the embers and blow gently on the embers while turning the marshmallow stick.  Continue this process until the marshmallows become golden brown.  While the Marshmallow connoisseur is preparing the marshmallows...

The "Chocolate" connoisseur prepares the chocolate and graham crackers.  Get a flat piece of wood.  Place 2 halves of grahams on the wood with one fourth of a Hershey'sŪ Milk Chocolate bar on each. Place the wood near the bonfire, close enough to melt the chocolate.  As soon as the chocolate is slightly melted, and marshmallows a golden brown, combine each with a second graham on top.

Yum! The Perfect S'More!

Banana in foil

You will need bananas, chocolate morsels, M&M'sŪ, walnuts, or any combination of these you desire.
Hold the banana in your hand with the curve pointing down.  Peel back one piece of the banana peel. Cut out and remove small portions of the banana-eat pieces removed-Yum.   Place morsels, M&M'sŪ, nuts etc. in the sections, place peel back over the banana and wrap with aluminum foil.  Place next to the fire-and rotate occasionally, so all sides feel the direct heat.  Do this for about 10 minutes.  Check banana, should be softened and melted. Scoop out banana and other ingredients with a spoon and enjoy-be careful it's HOT when first removed from the fire!.  Time can be increased and decreased depending on the temperature of the fire.

Foil Packs the Girl Scout way       
By, "Deb Forsythe"

Take a large piece of heavy duty foil, layer on top - large cabbage leaf, hamburger patty, sliced potatoes (canned work best) sliced carrots (canned work best) diced onion salt, pepper, or any other seasonings you might enjoy you can also add any other vegetables you like top with another cabbage leaf, and wrap tightly in the foil. Place in a bed of hot coals no flames turning often for about half an hour.

Pie Iron Recipes:
Also known as HOBO Pie Maker, Pudgie Pie Maker,
Pie Iron.....jaffle

Desert Pies: Need fruit filling, butter, pie crust either store bought or homemade.  Homemade pie crusts work great because you can roll out and cut into a rectangular shape a little larger than the pie maker then a good fit and seal is made, the extra can be trimmed. Oil each side of the pie maker with butter. Place crust on both sides. Place fruit filling on one crust then close the pie maker.  Place directly in the fire and flip occasionally.  Guestimate is 10 minutes.  Check at this time for doneness, should be able to take crust away from pie maker with a fork to test doneness-light golden brown in color.

Sandwich Pies: Bread works great for this.  Need butter.  Grease both sides of pie maker.   Place bread slices on each side.  Top bread with ham and cheese and condiments as desired.  Close pie maker, place directly in fire and flip occasionally.   Guestimate is 10 minutes.  Check at this time for doneness, should be able to take bread away from pie maker with a fork to test doneness-light golden brown in color.


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