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Send Us Your Favorite Fireside "Pie Iron" Recipes
See Recipe Contest Below-win a pie iron.

Entry #1:  Sausage Gravy Breakwiches
Entry #2: 
Egg Nests
Entry #3:
  Stuffed French Toast
Entry #4
Breakfast Wonder
Entry #5: 
Fiery Popeye eggs
Entry #6: 
Breakfast Irons
Entry #7: 
Entry #8: 
Entry #9:  
Entry #10: 
Entry #11: 
Entry #12:
Entry #13:
Entry #14: 
Entry #15: 
Entry #16: 

Entry #1 Sausage Gravy Breakwiches
January 8, 2004
By, "Jacqueline Green"
Split a Pillsbury Grand buscuit in 1/2,place in the two sides of a sprayed pie iron.  Put 2 tablespoons of thick sausage gravy in the center, close, and bake.  This takes a few minutes to cook the biscuits.  When the biscuits are done, enjoy breakfast to go.

Entry #2 Egg Nests
Contest Entry: January 8, 2004
By, "Debbie Rathburg"
Butter your pie iron, place 1 slice Texas Toast (bread sliced appoximately 1" thick) with a 2" circle removed from the center in pie iron, warm enough to melt butter ( you may do this before putting bread in). Crack an egg into the hole in the bread, close pie iron and cook until bread is golden.  Remember to turn pie iron over and cook both sides. You may add jelly or syrup after cooking.  That's the way the kids like it best. 

Entry #3 Stuffed French Toast
02 Jun 2004
Caryn Quaker
2 slices bread (cinnamon swirl is good)
1 egg
2-3 tbsp milk
cream cheese
1/2 banana, sliced
walnuts about 1 tsp chopped

Heat pie iron, spray with cooking spray or melted butter. Mix egg and milk, dip bread into it. put 1 slice in pie iron, place 2 "slices" of cream cheese onto bread, sliced banana and walnuts. Top with second dipped bread. cook til browned. watch out, the cream cheese gets hot! Serve w/maple syrup.

Entry #4 Breakfast Wonder
13 Jul 2004
First, you warm the pie iron under an open flame until it is moderately warm (approx. 30 sec.) Then you take bread slices and butter one side and lay that side down on the iron. Take browned shredded potato, cheese, scrambled egg, bacon and sausage and fill the bread. Close the pie iron and cook in the fire. Make sure that the bread is well toasted and when it is take it out of the iron, lay it on a plate, and cover in sausage gravy.

Entry #5 Fiery Popeye eggs
01 Jun 2005
Roy Morris
Grease that skillit good.  Find you two slices of white bread.  Cut a 2 inch hole in the center of each and butter em both sides.  Lay em in when the skillet is hot.  Crack open two eggs and pour em one in each slice of bread.  Salt and pepper a bit, throw on some sliced jalapenos.  When your eggs are done in the bread serve it up and add a little Tabasco for the fire...

Entry #6 Breakfast Irons
03 Sep 2005
scrambled eggs
deli sliced ham
american cheese slices
Place buttered bread on each side of pie iron.  Put a slice of cheese on one side.  Spoon about 1/4 cup eggs on top of cheese.  Fold ham slices in quarters and lay 2 slices on top of eggs.  Close pie iron and cook to your liking!  Enjoy!

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